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Twelve-year-old Efrén Nava might live in one of the poorest, most densely populated neighborhoods in the entire country, but in his eyes, the US is a land of opportunity where dreams can come true.  Things change however after his mother is deported to the Mexican side of the border and his father has to take on a second job, leaving him to care for his younger siblings.

Inspired by his social studies teacher’s words of encouragement, Efrén decides to become part of the change he hopes to see by running for ASB School President—even if it means competing against his best friend.  Sadly, those plans are hampered when racial slurs begin appearing over his campaign posters.

With Amá stranded and without money, US-born Efrén decides to go on a dangerous rescue mission across the border. It is there that he comes to understand why his parents sacrificed everything they had in order to live in America.

SOPEBOY is a timely account of how a family’s love, courage, and resilience can prevail at the hands of adversity.

The Writing on the Wall

Ernesto Cisneros was born in the gang-ridden and often marginalized part of Santa Ana, in a home impaired by alcoholism and financial distress.  By adolescence, he became recluse and began questioning his place in the world—eventually struggling to hold onto his Catholic faith.  By senior year in high school, he discovered a love of literature that continued to grow. However, it was not until he began teaching kids with similar backgrounds to himself that he learned about the value and need for literary diversity.  And that is when he began writing books for children.  He believes in creating realistic (often flawed) characters with everyday struggles. THE WRITING ON THE WALL  is fictional, but the very personal story of his life growing up in Santa Ana. 



The Writing on the Wall, a riveting read that chronicles Manny’s seven-day path of self-destruction after his often belligerent father is critically injured and placed on life support. With his 18th birthday only days away, Manny will become the only kind able to decide his father’s future. 

But first, he must find a way to make amends, not only with his father but with his faith.  


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